How To: Easter Craft Ideas

blue eggs

So Easter is almost here, I’m sure many of you are looking at Easter craft ideas.

I remember Easter craft when I was a kid having Easter bonnet parades, Mum would always spend heaps of time making it for me, and we’d always get those little yellow chickens to sit on top despite what the design was.  Actually come to think of it that’s the only recollection of the design, was that little chicken and I’d always want to keep it afterwards when the bonnet was long destroyed.

Funnily enough when I went searching for Easter craft ideas that was one of the first things I found, however in the 6 years of child-care/over glorified babysitting I did I only ever worked with one family who’s children’s school was participating in an Easter hat parade.  Which makes me wonder if the Easter hat parade has died?  I wondered if it was a cultural thing, or it just got lost along the way?

So I found a number of cute Easter ideas:

  • Easter placemats – if you have access to a laminator
  • Easter bonnets
  • Easter masks
  • Bunny ears hats
  • Paper plates attached top to top with one plate cut out around the top make great Easter egg holders
  • Decorate hard boiled eggs (we never took out the egg from the inside – but a few of my friends mum’s did when I was a kid)
  • Make a paper mache solution – flour and water – and wrap string around an egg with large gaps, and when it dries take out the egg and you can hang an egg mould as decorations and paint them
  • Easter pinatas
  • Easter hunt baskets

Here’s a link so some of those ideas: Easter Craft Ideas

Don’t forget when considering craft ideas that kids love to cook.  You could do chocolate moulds, cookies, gingerbread houses in the shape and design of a barn and pop Easter eggs inside.  Breakfasts are a big hit here, my partner loves having “soldiers” where I boil an egg for 5 mins, cut the top off and give him strips of toast to dip in the runny yolk.  That makes a tasty and healthy Easter breakfast.

Easter Breakfast Ideas: The kids can help witheaster breakfast

  • Scrambled eggs 
  • Poached eggs
  • French toast
  • Soldiers (as explained above)
  • Omelettes
  • Toast cut into shapes

I love Easter and Christmas personally.  What I love most about Easter is the hot cross buns, sure chocolate is good too, and I should go shopping to purchase Easter eggs soon, I always end up leaving it until the last minute.  But I plan to have a go at my own hot cross buns this year.  I mean to do it every year, but I’m hoping this blog will help make me accountable this year so now it’s in writing I’ll have to do it.

I would love to hear any suggestions on tips for making them.  I’ve never made any bread product, I was thinking about making damper rolls tonight to go with dinner, kind of like moving up the chain gradually.



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