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Moving Up

Great news, I’ve moved up a level at the gym on the bike, 2 levels on the cross trainer and increased my running speed on the treadmill. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it means I’m getting a … Continue reading

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Getting Myself Organised for Night Duty

I just wrote a big post but lost it accidentally due to an option on my iPad unfortunately. So I’ll re-write as best I can, but it never works as well the second time. I have night duty this week, … Continue reading

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No Secrets – Just Plain Hard Work and Self-Control

I have had a few requests to elaborate on my 10 day challenge posts. So I’ve decided to talk about weight loss and how I achieved mine, I’ve noticed people are surprised when they find out how much weight I’ve … Continue reading

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Meal Planning: Preventing Waste

I like to plan ahead and have things organised, from to-do lists to meal plans and gym days, that way I find I have an increased chance of getting things done. I would like to be more vigilant though. We … Continue reading

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Meal Plan: Vegetable Bake

Tonight I decided to go through some veggies that have been sitting in the fridge for a few days, this way I could use me all at once. Peel and cut; sweet potato, butternut pumpkin, pumpkin, carrot, mushrooms, eggplant and … Continue reading

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Too Much Time On My Hands

5 days off and on the third day I find I’m sitting around the house doing nothing. If I cook any more food we will become balloons, my partner seems to have gained a few kilos since we moved, with … Continue reading

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Date Night

I have a few days off at the moment, I feel a little disappointed my whole day was taken up with shopping, and sorting through the storage unit plus at least 3hrs of travel. However tonight was our first date … Continue reading

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