Spring-tember Spring Cleaning: Kitchen

Today was scheduled as my kitchen day.  There are several areas to work on here.  I should get motivated and take care of them today, but I just got home from visiting family and I have a bit of catching up to do, so I should get around to it sometime this week.


  • Cupboards – throw out old food, containers that you’ve lost the lid to, is broken or don’t use anymore, donate old appliances you don’t use,
  • Drawers – sort through the cutlery drawer, the odds and ends drawer (lets admit it we all have one), throw out old tea towels
  • Fridge – remove old papers, throw out old magnets
  • Make a pile of broken Tupperware to be replaced
  • Clear off the kitchen benches
  • Sort out pantry – re-tidy and reorganise
  • Sort through the first aid kit


Cleaning: this list is the longest for me – or most time consuming:

  • Fridge – remove old food, clean shelves, defrost freezer, general tidy
  • Cupboards – wipe down the doors and shelves
  • Bench tops – wipe down bench tops
  • Floor – vacuum and mop
  • Bin – empty and wash inside and out
  • Oven – clean inside and stove top
  • Clean those old oven trays
  • Wipe the inside of the microwave and the front where everyone touches it with their dirty hands
  • And don’t forget the kitchen sink


If you have time set aside a space for meal planning.  Whether that consists of a list you’ve made that’s stuck to the fridge with a magnet, or a special board you have on the wall or attached to the inside of the pantry door.  This will help to keep you organised.  Mine is the Martha Stewart weekly planner that’s a sticker I’ve stuck to the freezer door.  I plan my whole week there, work, meals, gym/exercise and any other commitments during the week.

Good luck with your kitchen, I will post pictures of mine as soon as I get to it.

About myhousewifelifeblog

I am a nurse by trade, and a traditional "de facto" housewife by nature. Constantly seeking a more organised existence. I like to cook, sew and play my keyboard. I try to keep my house organised but I've not yet mastered this, and I am endeavouring to reach my image of ultimate organisation at home. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll give it a go.
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