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My Very Own Thermomix!

I have big news.  My thermomix dreams have materialised.  Yes, I had a demonstration and now I have my very own thermomix.  I love it already! The demonstration was awesome, 5 dishes in under two hours.  The demonstrator made sorbet, … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas is creeping up on us, getting closer and closer with each day.  I’ve been starting to worry I’m not organised, yet again.  Every year I promise myself to make a change for the following year and be more organised, … Continue reading

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Meal Plan: Homemade Sausage Rolls and Potato Bake

Meal planning this week was a little bit weak. I was lucky enough to have dinner cooked for me once or twice, plus today there was a treat waiting for me when I got home. But we had vegetarian homemade … Continue reading

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It’s Amazing What You Can Do With Little Time

On afternoon shift today so I don’t have a great deal of time.  I’ve been cooking all morning, which isn’t all that unusual.  But I’m at least set for today anyways. This is just a quick check in for anyone … Continue reading

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Guest Posts and Reviews

Just a brief post since I have had a few questions lately about guest posts. I am happy to facilitate guest posts relevant to my blog.  If you are following and are interested please feel free to either sent me … Continue reading

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HOMEMADE: Protein Bar and Protein Smoothie

I’m researching some new recipes, and in light of my recent protein bar fails, (well they were ok but I had to set them, then bake them and refrigerate them again), but now I’ve found a better recipe from a … Continue reading

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I’m trying to get some balance back. I want to combine a few things, starting with yoga… Daily challenges this week… I’m heading back to the 30 day yoga challenge. I got my Pilates chair back out a few days … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

Detox!  I usually hear this word and cringe.  I think it might be just about time for one though.  I feel yucky in every way.  I feel bloated and lacking motivation, I’m tired and exhausted.  I have two days off … Continue reading

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Health Food Motivation

The health kick has begun.  Since I’ve been feeling so guilty lately with all the junk food I’ve been eating we decided to take a trip to the local health food shop, which was about half an hour away. Today … Continue reading

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