New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost the end of the year.  That time of the year that we all start to evaluate ourselves, against our expectations, goals, hopes and dreams.  These are sometimes unachievable, so don’t feel too bad if you aren’t where you were expecting to be by now.


We all have those ideas of what we want to be, and what we want to be surrounded by.  The question I have to ask is “are we seeking the RIGHT types of things?”  We all want to make our lives better, but what is “better”?  Do we really need more things around us?  For those of us who are after some kind of self development, is it for self-image issues, like self-esteem?  Or is it to keep up with others?  Do you have health issues that mean you really need to eat better and be healthier from the inside out?  Or do you generally just want to be a better person?

Me, I feel like I want more than what I have.  But, if I didn’t what would I have to live for?  Don’t we all have hopes and dreams, whether they are materialistic or have a deeper meaning to us, something to prove ourselves able?  My partner and I were having the “what is the meaning of life” conversation the other day.  It made me think about our goals, and what would life be like if we had no “meaning”?  Is that why there are so many issues in society?

If I look back at my hopeful resolutions for this year, I don’t feel like I’ve developed much over the year.  This year I’m taking a new approach since the one I usually take never really seems to work out.  My new plan for “the plan”, is to start on the right foot, my partner and I have decided to make ourselves some goals both as a couple and individually.  We don’t have to share all our plans together, if they are individual there’s no benefit in sharing that, and sometimes we don’t want to share our failures even with people who we are closest with, and we both believe this is ok.  Kind of like seeking employment and not telling your partner about every position you apply for in the fear of seeing the look of disappointment in their eyes when you don’t get the position.  I think situations like this are ok, it’s not necessarily the journey you have to share, but the aim and the final outcome, like losing weight.  What does the middle part really matter?  Sometimes there are fights we can only really fight on our own.

If I look back over my journey this year I don’t know how much I’ve gained, but I have definitely made progress no matter how small it is.

  • I’ve made progress in my job; I have more knowledge, and I ask less questions.  I’ve found the place I want to work in for now, I’m happy with my current position and I have a whole range of new skills there too.  I also love sharing these with other people.  I even notice that I can help out some of the older nurses at work with education I have acquired on other wards when we get a patient with specialised needs, not usually familiar to our specialised ward.
  • I’ve made progress with my health – currently I’m eating better than I have in the past, not necessarily the best I can, but better and I’m making more of an effort.  I have been quite slack with my visits to the gym lately, but when I can I substitute for my pilates chair at home.  I’m even fitting into my work pants which felt snug earlier.
  • I’ve sustained my weight this year, not like in the past.  I have had issues with my weight since I finished high school.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I gained a lot of weight, then I spent about 2 years losing it, and now I have a struggle to maintain it.  But, I’m learning new strategies, it’s funny how easily I can fall behind, but it’s definitely about lifestyle changes.  You can’t just spend a year losing it, you have to maintain it, that’s where I think surgeries can fail.
  • I have moved closer to work – this seems like a lame achievement, but it represented so much to me.  Independence (which I have had in the past but which I was really craving for), and the ability to live comfortably again.  To have my own kitchen, which is a big deal to me, to get into my own groove in the house.
  • A big deal to me just at the end of the year is my thermomix.  I know this seems a little materialistic but it’s something I really wanted, and is making my kitchen creations a breeze.  Plus it has inspired my partner to eat healthier with me.  And, it has empowered him to cook dinner for me, since he can set it up and walk away for a while, come back and everything’s ready.  Perfect!

slow progress

Just like anyone, I have a whole lot of goals and plans for my life.  Some of which I don’t really know how to materialise, but I know I don’t have exactly what I want.  I actually tend to think that it’s good I have have what I want, I believe we all need to be needed, or need things, we need to know there’s more, and that we can work towards something.  I think this is why we hear amazing stories of the elderly completing a degree, it reminds us that there’s always more.

This year I have some goals of different complexities and disciplines, some long term, some continue from last year, and some are new.  The main thing is that we look back at our achievements rather than failures, we are all growing all the time, often we don’t notice but others do.  When I first thought about what I had done other the year I couldn’t really think of anything, but when I broke my life down into different areas I started to think about what I have done and what I have achieved, not really to any completion but sometimes we expect a lot of ourselves.

My Plan: For the new year


Upon writing this I have been thinking about my own life, the end of the year brings with it many issues.  It’s a symbol of new beginnings, the people we miss who we have lost along the way, and a chance to enjoy the moment with all the holidays and chance to be with the ones we love.


There’s a lot I would like, some materialistic and some deeper and for a deeper reason.  I think we need to think about who we are.

  • More productive with my time off – remember to utilise hobbies.  I would like to be more creative with my sewing, I would like to design something totally and put it together
  • Improve dedication to my health – this is my selfish goal – but I would love to tone up more, and improve my fitness maybe even ride my bike I bought over a year ago and only ever rode once.
  • Acquire some more stability – financially, manage better financially and save more money.  Something I’m sure we would all like to do, unfortunately I’m a little weak and live too much in the here and now sometimes
  • I would like to plan forward for a family – Probably not so much this year, but prepare in the sense of living in a dwelling that would accommodate a family, and have a time plan – this is really related to work than anything.  I always thought I would have more experience at work before needing to take a break from it for a family.
  • I would like to do more education for my employment, I would like to take on a course or look at doing this, I often think it would be nice to be a preceptor but currently I’m not experienced enough and I love studying
  • I would like to learn to make an app for tablets and phones – something I have been thinking about for a while but seems like such a big goal
  • I would love to work on my blog more – develop it a little further and work on it more often, I even like the thought of having my own website, but again more education would have to occur before I could really do this.
  • Something a little simpler is a holiday – a chance to get away, see the world and leave all other concerns at home and just relax and live in the moment.  Nice atmospheres, and environments.
  • I would also like to de-clutter and de-complicate life a little

As you can see, some of this is personal and some of it involves my partner and I collectively.  Some of it I just have in my mind, but it’s nice to evaluate things to see how I’m doing and evaluate how my efforts are working and what I would need to get the results I’m after.  My biggest downfall is that I want results immediately, and I also need to have new things to work towards.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I find this is a good way to see how far we have come.


Excuse the image, but I thought the text outlines what I’m trying to say.

About myhousewifelifeblog

I am a nurse by trade, and a traditional "de facto" housewife by nature. Constantly seeking a more organised existence. I like to cook, sew and play my keyboard. I try to keep my house organised but I've not yet mastered this, and I am endeavouring to reach my image of ultimate organisation at home. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll give it a go.
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