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Interview Jitters, Or Something Else? We Fear Judgement – But Pass Our Own So Easily

What do you think of the whole panel interview process?  I have trouble!  I get so nervous I don’t know how I will ever get through it.  Well, today I had an interview basically for the same job I currently … Continue reading

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A Change Is As Good As A Holiday!

Ok, so that’s a pretty generic statement.  I was getting bored with things the last week or so.  Probably due to lots of night duty, catching up on sleep, trying to stay on top of the housework and struggling with … Continue reading

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Peer Pressure Is Ruining My Diet!

How can you manage temptations when someone else is pressuring you?  It’s so hard when you have family who notice your efforts and pressure you into sabotaging them.  I struggle with my efforts daily, more so these days.  I have … Continue reading

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Rewards – Something To Look Forward To – Not An Excuse To Lapse In Progress

As you know part of my new year resolution as most people’s is, to eat better and improve my exercise regime.  I haven’t been too bad, I’ve been back to the gym, I’ve been into my yoga and I’ve just … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Have To Even When You Really Don’t Want To!

Sometimes you just have to do things even when you just don’t want to.  Tonight I was having one of those nights.  I was flat out at work, we work in teams of two, but the person I was working … Continue reading

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Meal Planning: Easy Meal Ideas

I’ve been really busy at work the last few days, and I dare say I will be again tomorrow, so tonight we just had an easy dinner. I watched some DVD episodes of one of my favourite tv shows, while … Continue reading

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“Before-and-After Weight-Loss Photo” Phonies

I’ve been noticing a lot of posts of facebook, in advertisements and weight-loss websites showing before and after photos.  The before photo is always someone looking at least 10kgs heavier then the after photo, and in some cases the after … Continue reading

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