Progress Is Progress

So today I went into town to do some food shopping, on my last day off this week.  I decided to check out a few shops for some shelving/storage options, but in the end I bought myself a dress, nothing flashy or anything but something I can wear on every other day, not a “home day” and not to go out in but just an in-between day.  

Now I’ve come to realise something lately, my drawers are getting harder and harder to close because they’re packed with clothes, so today I decided it was about time I cut some of the fat…  

My partner and I only have a small in-built wardrobe (identical to the one I’m trying to sort out storage for in the spare room), so I basically have hanging space and a shelf up the top, but we have a chest of drawers also that we share, which doesn’t work out so badly for my partner because he doesn’t have much, but me on the other hand I struggle with it.  So I unpacked and began…

Sadly I found that I really don’t have anything to wear…  Well not really in the drawers, most of the things I actually would wear are hanging in my wardrobe.  When I started to sort it all out I found I really only had a few tops I would wear out in public, a pile of singlets (that I would normally wear either to the gym or just around the house – or once or twice under something else).  I found a pile of plain long sleeves and 3 1/4 sleeves, button-up collared shirts and a few t-shirts.  I probably have a total of about 3 tops I would wear out and that was it.  Funnily enough I actually spend most of my time in a uniform and the rest of the time I’m usually at home wearing tights and either singlets or long sleeves depending on the season.  Obviously I’ve previously dressed for comfort. 

However I have now thrown out my old size 16 tracksuit pants, and I no longer have any tops of a size 16.  It’s funny I was so scared to officially get rid of them, but not I’ve done it, they are gone.  

This year is the year of change, I’ve begun a whole lot of new things.  Yoga, diet, Tupperware, Thermomix, finally a secure position at work (not full time although the hours are being made up but I’m working on that).  I’ve been experimenting with my diet and with the help of my Thermomix my fridge is now 98% fruit, veggies and herbs.  I still have some work in my pantry, but I’m getting there.  I’m awaiting my jars and bottles from my Thermomix consultant, then I can start getting into sauces and maybe even some spreads.  BUT, I think I might have to work on my wardrobe.  

I’m totally useless when it comes to shopping, I don’t really spend much money on me.  Not for fun, not for self improvement or self indulgence.  Although I do waste a lot of money on things I really don’t need, it’s usually patchwork, or kitchenware and appliances.  This year I finally hit the hairdressers, I hadn’t been in once since primary school.  I got my hair cut professionally and permed.  My hair is usually straight, completely straight, I previously had a friends Mum do my hair which worked out well, but it was nice to do something special for a change.  I’m thinking it might be about time I did something else for me this year and work on my wardrobe, and stop dressing like I did 43kgs ago.  

When I started putting on weight it was a big deal to me, I felt really self-conscious about it, mostly because of how thin I was previously.  My BMI was just above being underweight to the point I got to the low end of obese, people would comment at the beginning which made me feel bad, but I knew it was even worse when it was a huge difference and people said nothing about it.  I was like the elephant in the room.  So I began dressing in loose fitting jeans, and over sized or just long black tops since black is

This is not me, it's off the cotton on site...

This is not me, it’s off the cotton on site…

meant to be slimming.  However, now I’m not longer a 16-18 and today I actually bought a size small and I couldn’t believe it fit me.  I couldn’t get the M I was looking for so I took the S in the dress I wanted (as there was no M in that design) and an M in another design I was prepared to take as a back up…  But – the S actually fit me and looked good.  So I took it!  I’ve made a bit of progress is that department, I now have a wardrobe consisting of only size 12 clothes, and now 2 size smalls, and I got my belly pierced…  That was a big deal to me.  I wanted it done since I was 16 but just never got around to it, then I was too big to do it and I had mentioned it to my partner a few times, but still didn’t think I would be able to ever do it since my tummy isn’t flat…  And probably has a little extra than it should, but one day when we were shopping he said to me “why don’t you do it now?”  I went in and had a chat to the lady there, she said she’d done it for people who had multiple babies and said it would end up looking fine because of the positioning (which I hadn’t considered)…  So I took the plunge, I had it done and although I don’t show it off, it’s kind of like one of my weight-loss milestones.  I know I did it, that I could do it, and that’s all that matters.

So…  I figure this year is the year.  The year of changes, the year of new beginnings and the year of achieving our goals.  No matter what you’re goals are you can always achieve them, set yourself some stepping stones and conquer them one at a time.  Take a look back at your progress from time and time and take a moment to revel in it, because you did it and you can do it again and again.  And, if I can do it anyone can!

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I am a nurse by trade, and a traditional "de facto" housewife by nature. Constantly seeking a more organised existence. I like to cook, sew and play my keyboard. I try to keep my house organised but I've not yet mastered this, and I am endeavouring to reach my image of ultimate organisation at home. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll give it a go.
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