Meal Plan: Workout Day vs Non-Workout Day

My diet is all over the place lately, as with my exercise, but managing exercise is easy it doesn’t worry me if it’s at home or at the gym.  But, I know I struggle with meals, I could eat one meal today and three tomorrow.  Or I could eat really badly one day and get my act together the next.  At the moment I’m very inconsistent, yesterday I was naughty with the scone and biscuits for breakfast, but I missed afternoon tea at work and just had some toast at work for dinner, because I forgot to take a microwave safe container for my soup.  Looking back that wasn’t a very good day, but today I’m wondering if I could make a bit of a routine based on that idea with the pancakes I’ve just posted (2 ingredients).

So I’m going to post my workout meal plans and my perfect non-workout day meal plan.


Breakfast: Protein and fibre (although this is probably the best place to incorporate carbohydrates; but I’m avoiding them at the moment – I eat too many anyway)
Pancakes – Banana and egg with fruit (any fruit you have laying around) or use wholemeal bread – I’m just avoiding bread at the moment and keeping it to dinner if necessary or skipping it entirely, I just can’t see myself eating soup without it.
Alternatively I also like muesli and yoghurt, you can add berries and banana or any fruit you like

Lunch: Protein and or carbohydrates
For me lunch is usually light, but when I’m going to the gym I like to have something packed with protein within 30mins of finishing, so this is usually in the form of a smoothie.  Although I try my best to get my nutrition from real food, lately I’ve been adding a protein powder I found that also has nutrients from some vegetables because especially for days like yesterday I didn’t really get what I needed, plus a smoothie is a great way to throw in everything.  Protein, fibre and even veggies if you don’t like the texture or taste of them.  I throw in berries, banana, kiwi fruit, almond milk, spinach or kale, broccoli and sometimes peanut butter.

Dinner: Protein, fibre and nutrients
I try to avoid carbohydrates at dinner time because it’s the time of the day you need them the least.  We’re usually winding down for bed.  I also like to make sure I don’t eat anything past 7:30pm.  So I like to keep my dinners mainly to vegetables, but sometimes with some protein in there too.  I don’t eat a great deal of meat.  Mostly just chicken.  So stir fries are a good idea, vegetable bake, curries, soups.  We have home made burritos with thin mountain wraps that are 68 calories per serve, then I mostly just add salad to mine, but my partner likes chicken and seasoning.

For the most part I try to avoid snacks, although I have some raisin toast in the freezer just incase, but if I’m home I’ll just have a cup of coffee or tea.  I really don’t drink all that much coffee, maybe 3 at work or two at home, the rest I’ll drink tea or water.  I was drinking a lot of pepsi max but I’m eliminating that now and keeping it for special occasions (as bad as that sounds), when we’re out.  If there’s not much to choose from I’ll go for pepsi max over sugary juices or sugary soft drink, that or diet lemonade or water.  If I’m home and a little peckish, I head for crackers or rice cakes with cottage cheese, avocado and tomato.
For a day where I’m not going to the gym I keep my meals pretty much the same.  Although instead of breakfast I’ll have brunch (when I’m structured).  I only eat earlier in the morning if I know I need to keep some distance between food and exercise.


Brunch: Protein and fibre
Rice cakes with avocado, cottage cheese and tomato
Muesli and yoghurt
Smoothie (if I’m in a hurry)
Fruit and yoghurt
I rarely ever eat cereal, most cereals are packed with sugar and I mostly keep my weet-bix for weet-bix slice.

Dinner: Protein, fibre and nutrients
Again veggie oriented with some chicken or beef.  I try to avoid pasta and if there’s leftover pasta I try to take that to work for lunches.  I feel like we eat the same types of dinner most of the time.  I like stuffed capsicum, vegetable salads, wraps, vegetable bake.  It’s funny I’m not a vegetarian but I just don’t get excited about meat, and I’ve always chosen chicken over beef.
I guess my diet content doesn’t really vary that much between one day and the next, yet I find I’m always eating things I shouldn’t, but I think it’s important to mix it up so you don’t get bored (within reason).  That’s the main issue.  Also we don’t really eat dessert, I’m not really a sweet tooth, I’d rather savoury snacks and desserts.  Each to their own I suppose, I guess I really posted this because I wanted to start thinking about ways I can improve my diet, I need to incorporate more fibre and protein, and I guess the next thing will be increasing my iron since I don’t eat much red meat.


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I am a nurse by trade, and a traditional "de facto" housewife by nature. Constantly seeking a more organised existence. I like to cook, sew and play my keyboard. I try to keep my house organised but I've not yet mastered this, and I am endeavouring to reach my image of ultimate organisation at home. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll give it a go.
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