Why Is Society Encouraging Emotional Eating?

What is your morning routine like?  Do you hit the coffee and breakfast first up?  Or just jump in the shower and take the morning as it comes?

We all live differently, we have different ideas and we all do things differently.  I guess that’s something that could better be globally respected.  I struggle with this at work, it’s 20140210-135725.jpgone of the draw backs of working in a team, especially for people who are controlling and want everything to be done their own way.  Sometimes it’s just easier to divide the work and each work in a our own way, and come together when we need help.

My mornings are mixed up.  When I’m working there’s no breakfast, I have a shower get dressed, pack my lunch for work, make a coffee and go.  However when I have the day off it’s totally different, each day can even be different.  I like to leave my shower until the end of the day.  I will potter around the house, I’ll have a coffee, put on the laundry and tidy up, then hit the computer.  Breakfast for me doesn’t occur until later in the morning, sometimes not until lunch time.  Having said that my most favourite mornings are when I get up on a nice sunny morning, not too hot just warm, and head out for a cafe or restaurant breakfast.  I just love breakfast meals better than lunch or dinner.  Something about scrambled eggs on toast and mushrooms.

Which makes me wonder, why are meals so important to us?  It seems we can’t socialise without food or at least drinking.  I know it’s a vital necessity to our existence, we need fuel, but when did catching up with friends revolve around food and beverages?  Not that I’m complaining, but I realised that’s what I always seem to be doing when I catch up with friends lately, which is sometimes hard for my diet.  Either I don’t get the choices I’d prefer or I end up eating more than I should.  That’s really my biggest struggle, sometimes it throws my intake into disarray, kind of like afternoon tea at work, when everything on the table is either biscuits or cake.  Sometimes weakness gets the best of me.

My partner says his meals mean a lot to him, to the point he actually makes a big deal about it, and says it’s something to look forward to.  Whereas I had to learn how to let this go when I was trying to lose weight.  I believe meals are a time for family to sit together around the table, and the dining table is one place I refuse to sacrifice, however I am happy to cook us separate meals but he would rather we ate the same things.  Which makes things harder when he want’s to eat potato bake for dinner I don’t, I try to keep my dinner to vegetables and leave out carbs as much as I can.  As you can imagine cream is something best kept from dinner when watching our diets.

I like to control my intake, I plan ahead, I make soup for work, or some kind of vegetable dish so I always have something in the fridge ready to go.  It means I don’t have to worry about spontaneous snacking on whatever I can get my hands on, plus I don’t buy anything to bring home that I wouldn’t like to be part of my diet.  Kind of like a risk minimisation strategy.  It might sound like I think too much about food, and my partner thinks I’m obsessed, but it’s my strategies that have enabled me to maintain my weight and health.  It’s a constant struggle with temptation.  And he’s no stranger to temptation, but somehow he manages to balance everything, I don’t seem to be that lucky.

I recently heard on the radio about a study regarding our emotional eating showed that while having a bad day we are more likely to reach for chocolate, while when we’re happier we are able to look to the future and eat better because we can consider the long term effects.  It made me think about our eating habits, when something bad happens, something good happens or when anything happens we used to look towards eating out to “celebrate”.  These days we think about something “special” to cook for dinner now we live further away from amenities.  But, having said that, I make plans at the beginning of my work week and prepare meals, but I’m most motivated toward healthier eating when I feel like I’ve eaten poorly…  Which leads me to wonder, why do we have to fall to pick ourselves back up?  I think this can be attributed to many aspects of our lives.  Financial, work, friendships (we never really appreciate until they are jeopardised), relationships and of course ourselves, diets, exercise etc.

I get annoyed to think that food can be attributed to so much downfall, the health of many, a monopoly on advertising, gimmick “quick fix” diets.  It all upsets me that such an emotional act as eating can make us all so vulnerable to consumerism and commercialism.  I could write about this to the point of boredom, but I hate the dodgy before and after pictures they use to sell a product.  At the moment I see the soup mate advertisement and it infuriates me that they’ve made him look overweight, and advertise that buying the soup mate to make soup will be the answer to losing weight.  Of course eating only soup would make us all lose weight, but we don’t want to eat only soup, and if we did want to all we need is a blender and a saucepan, not an expensive appliance.  It’s even easier these days since there are so many recipes available online.

We all ready have the tools we need, the problem is we always have to assume things are more complicated.  If we could only eat until we’re not hungry, not to fill ourselves to the top, that will make us sick.  Eat real food, surely going out would be nicer if we went for quality rather than quantity.  More enjoyable.  Food can be enjoyable, but like we don’t reward children with cookies everyday, we shouldn’t reward ourselves with sweet treats everyday.  Sometimes I think we need an authority to remind us of what we’re doing.  After all even the cookie monster is telling us “cookies are a sometimes food”.


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I am a nurse by trade, and a traditional "de facto" housewife by nature. Constantly seeking a more organised existence. I like to cook, sew and play my keyboard. I try to keep my house organised but I've not yet mastered this, and I am endeavouring to reach my image of ultimate organisation at home. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll give it a go.
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