Regaining the Balance

So I’ve just gotten back from my trip tonight.  I had a great time with my family, got a chance to bond with my brother, I spent some time as a family with him and my Dad too which was also great.  I have noticed though that after a trip I get that feeling like I need a few days to re-adjust to reality before getting back to work.

I had a great holiday with my family, totally different to the time I recently spent in the city with a friend.  I enjoyed both, but I got different things from both experiences, now I have to return to reality and re-adjust to whatever is my “normal” routine.  So tonight after unpacking I’ve loaded the washing machine, made a to-do list, a budget and a plan to get myself organised before I head off to work next week.

I have to admit I’ve eaten rather horribly the last few days, mostly for convenience.  Pub meals, chinese, buffet and tonight I had McDonald’s on my way home because I was starving and I also needed coffee.  Lets just say the last few days I haven’t felt good as a result, far from it although I did make an effort at breakfast time this morning and cooked up a hard boiled egg, and had avocado and tomato on toast.  But, I’m planning some detoxing for the upcoming weeks and hopefully I’ll feel better.  I’ve equiped myself with a list of healthy options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  I don’t really eat dessert or sweet things all that much.  I’m just as happy to go with dark chocolate and roasted almonds if I’m really craving something sweet, although I wouldn’t even sit down and devour the whole thing.  I’ve also got a recipe ready to go for a green smoothie, I did steal it from someone I follow on facebook, but that’s what it’s been shared there for isn’t it?

So tomorrow is the start of me getting back some kind of “normalcy”.  I’m kind of looking forward to it.  Smoothies to get my days going, healthy snacks for lunch and something reasonably light for dinners until I start to feel a bit better.  For the first few days I’d like to stick with smoothies and soups.  Liquids to begin with, then ween into some light food.

Days 1-3:
Breakfast – smoothies (almond milk, spinach and fruit)
Lunch – yoghurt + muesli
Dinner – soup

This combination should include a decent amount of protein and fibre to help get things back on track, I’m almost planning to start into some exercise, something light to begin with; yoga and swimming.

Days 4-10:
Breakfast – smoothies (almond milk, spinach and fruit)
Lunch – rice cakes with cottage cheese/avocado and tomato or crackers and dip (hummus)
Dinner – vegetable salad, fish and salad/vegetables

I plan to get back into the gym for some cardio at least 3 times a week

Nothing too fancy, I want to keep this pretty basics, remembering to keep the protein and fibre content up.  Remembering to sustain my intake of fruit and vegetables, while adding protein of yoghurt, eggs and fish.

Days 11-15:
Introduce cooked breakfasts with smoothie
Keep lunch light
Dinners continue to contain mostly vegetables, can start to consider things like stir fries, lentils, chicken and fish items.

Combine yoga and cardio – minimum exercise 4 times/week

Days 16-21:
Breakfast – protein pancakes, mushrooms, yoghurt and muesli, smoothie
Lunch – Rice cakes, crackers or fruit
Dinner – vegetables combined with either meat, rice or lentils

By now I should have created a decent routine.  The biggest issue is just to be prepared and organised.  Have some emergency meals in the freezer like soup and veggies easily steamed.  Exercise around 5 times a week, combined resistance and cardio.

As usual this is just my plan.  Doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be able to sustain it, but it’s a good start and this is what I do while I’m motivated.  It means I can go shopping, I know what to get and this way I can shop in increments.  I’ll have something ready to go if I need it, I’ll be organised for work and I won’t have any excuses.  I have been really slack the last 2 months at least, I haven’t done much exercise at all, I started getting back into some while I was away and I hope to keep it up.  To be a success it really has to become part of my routine though.

I am also hoping this will help me avoid migraines, I had a horrible one while I was away from lack of water, this is something I really struggle with and something I need to work on.

About myhousewifelifeblog

I am a nurse by trade, and a traditional "de facto" housewife by nature. Constantly seeking a more organised existence. I like to cook, sew and play my keyboard. I try to keep my house organised but I've not yet mastered this, and I am endeavouring to reach my image of ultimate organisation at home. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll give it a go.
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2 Responses to Regaining the Balance

  1. Part of the reason to get healthy is that is makes it so much easier to bounce back from times like this when the lifestyle has to bend some, although McDs made me cringe.

    The recovery plan is awesome and you will bounce right back into the swing of things.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

    • Thanks. Yeah, I try to eat healthy, and be as healthy as I can. What I really struggle with is sustaining it when I’m with other people. I’m easily persuaded.

      I’ve been for a run today, I’m booked in for some swimming tomorrow and I have some meals and snacks prepared. Fingers crossed. I’m kind of waiting for work so I can get my routine back. I’m more organised when I have to work.

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