Making A Simple Life

It’s been a long time since my last post, I’m trying to get back on top of things.  I find it so hard to adjust when my whole routine isn’t…  Routine!

Everything seems to have gone into disarray, my partner and I moved in together probably about 9-10 months ago, and prior to that I was living alone.  I had everything under control; meals planned and cooked in advance, I had a cleaning routine and everything around the house was in order and nothing out of place.  Complete control!

Then the boy moved in with me…  With the boy comes his clothes, his belongings and of course his routine tries to mix with mine.  When two people come together they have more than just belongings to fit together.  Their are routines, preferences, and there will be many many compromises on both parts, and they create a new life and a new routine together.

So, after 9 – 10 months of floundering around and, at times having a “plan” I’ve decided to start some new traditions for us, to get back a piece of what I used to have, and what he used to have and put them together to turn it into something that we have.

I’m not complaining, the joining of our worlds have brought with it positives for both of us.  He has me in a better sleeping routine, and he is a great support for me around the house, he’s always there for me emotionally and he always steps up when I’m falling behind.  My biggest flaw I guess is being one of those 1960’s stereotyped women who think it’s their job to always have dinner on the table by 6:30, and do all the other traditional “woman” jobs.  The positives I guess he has acquired from us are his diet is much healthier, he doesn’t have to worry about things because for the most part I have it all under control, I do the banking, organise the shopping and he was able to leave his job to study full time.  Something he really wanted to do but probably wouldn’t have been able to do without some financial support.

So here we are, I really have no complaints other than those few things that I seem to get behind in all the time.  When you combine all of that and then add my rotating roster it makes for some disorganisation at times.

We eat pretty well most of the time, and I’m not bragging but I think we work really well together.  But, we’ve decided to make a routine for our combined requirements.  For me that’s all about being organised, having a time for things to be done and getting them done, that doesn’t have to be me or him specifically but if we know what’s required to keep the house running smoothly, that’s all it takes.

I find it hard as I’m writing this to not sound like a dictator, and what we have is the furthest you can imagine from a dictatorship.  I guess it’s like any “family” dynamic, you need to have a system, communication and team work.  Our system is just a little flawed, that’s all…

So what is the plan?  It’s simple…

  • Budget prior to pay day – make a list of everything we need to pay for
  • Meal planner
  • Prepared shopping list – I use an app called cosi, we both have a copy of it and we can sync it.  Sometimes I make a list from work, then he can go to the supermarket and have everything ready to go by the time I get home
  • A cleaning regimen – for us this has to be determined by my roster, I plan to clean the house and do the laundry on my last day of work.  If that’s a morning shift I do it when I get home, if I’m on an afternoon I do it before going to work and if I’m on a night I sleep until midday and clean up when I wake up

That really covers the necessities for us.  We live a simple life for the most part, we already work so well together, we both realise that we’re chasing our tails and it’s time to get a routine back in order.  It’s mostly my fault because I changed my old routine, which is basically what I listed above and now it’s time to get it back…  It’s also time to get back into some exercise, for both of us.  Finding time to fit in exercise on a rotating roster is hard, but it’s achievable and it’s all about planning ahead.  I use my diary all the time, I write down all my commitments, engagements, and financial obligations in there.

Keep an eye out, I plan to update my blog somewhat and I’ve reactivated my facebook page ( so I can get back into this.  I like sharing my ideas and hearing of new things I hadn’t thought about.  Lets all work together.  Sharing anything from meal planning and organising to family and exercise.

About myhousewifelifeblog

I am a nurse by trade, and a traditional "de facto" housewife by nature. Constantly seeking a more organised existence. I like to cook, sew and play my keyboard. I try to keep my house organised but I've not yet mastered this, and I am endeavouring to reach my image of ultimate organisation at home. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll give it a go.
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2 Responses to Making A Simple Life

  1. AlexaW says:

    Hi there. I love your posts. There is something I wanted to say. I’m a tiny bit of a feminist and I needed to reply to this from personal experience but if a guy moves in with you, leaves his job (to study or anything) and you’ve not been together for even a year, then be really wary. You sound like you have a level head, but I thought I did too and I ended up in a good situation turned bad.

    • Thanks, I appreciate your concern, and I have been in that situation previously and I don’t want to end up in that place again, but he’s keen to get back to work in the new career, and will be able to get a start later this year.

      We have a plan, and I hated watching him going to a job he didn’t like. It seemed like the only choice at the time.

      Thanks for the positive feedback about my posts too 🙂

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