Time to Turn it Upside-Down


Latest pole move – next step is into headstand

As I’ve mentioned recently I started my pole dancing class circumstantially due to there being no aerial yoga.  I’ve come to find that aerial yoga wasn’t quite like being at a yoga class, and pole dancing wasn’t quite all that different, other than those negative connotations.  However, I am finding that women respond regarding the strength it takes to pull yourself up onto a pole, while men regard it close to being a stripper, which makes me apprehensive about talking about it, but when I look back at how far I’ve come in just 3 months or so I really see how far I’ve come in such a short period.  I’m gaining strength, upper body and core, however I find this is really helping my yoga practice, and making me realise I can do things I thought I couldn’t in yoga.

The newest challenge from pole that I am really excited and scared about is going upside down.  I have been upside down on the pole previously, and while I find hanging upside down not too bad hanging onto a pole, what the real challenge is for me is achieving a headstand.  I guess to some degree there’s something about learning what you’re truly capable of.  I almost did one against the pole last week and it has inspired me into thinking it might be something I can actually achieve.  Which made me wonder…  What are we really capable of?

I have come to realise there’s nothing we can’t truly do if we don’t put our minds to it.  I look back at how far I’ve come.  I came from a family where the only person in my family who went to uni passed away, we drank powdered milk when we were kids and I grew up with my grandparents…  Wishing I was as normal as the other kids who went home to their own parents.  But, as I have come to realise I can achieve (within reason) what all those kids could achieve who did go home to their nuclear family.  I eventually figured out what I could do, I went to uni, achieved the job I could have already been doing and here I am.  Looking at things I used to think I couldn’t do, and wondering if I can give them a go.

We can all build new strengths in different areas, in target areas, we just have to be willing to make the effort, to practice and just give it a go.  Reach our arms out and see how far they can go, and with a few tries, who knows they might even reach further than we realised was even possible.


The new goal!

So I have decided to practice, if I can do a headstand against a pole, why can’t a do it at home against the wall?  The difference is at pole I had the instructor right there to grab me if I was about to fall, but at home there’s a great big wall, so why is it so hard to do it?  I guess we just need to believe in ourselves a little more, and if we fall there will always be someone there to help pick us back up.  We don’t always have to be seen to achieve, sometimes we don’t get it right the first time, as easy as that sounds we laugh it off for that exact reason.  Time to turn everything on it’s head, including ourselves.  Take a chance, after all you never know what you could have made out of a missed opportunity.

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I am a nurse by trade, and a traditional "de facto" housewife by nature. Constantly seeking a more organised existence. I like to cook, sew and play my keyboard. I try to keep my house organised but I've not yet mastered this, and I am endeavouring to reach my image of ultimate organisation at home. I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll give it a go.
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