Pregnancy Files: Trimester 2

As promised I am documenting progress on trimester two. I have done a lot of reading and we have been in discussions about what we want to do about many things. I have come to realise there will always be people who want to offer advice, tell you that some of the ideas you have don’t work, or that they are too much work, but I’ve learned to keep a lot of my ideas to myself.

The things they don’t tell you about pregnancy is all the sensations you will have. I have been haunted by mothers telling me how bad morning sickness is and asking me how sick I’ve been… 0%! I have however had sleepless nights, pangs and twinges, sore and swollen chest, constipation, bad dreams, frequent urination, and have been really flat, and also felt fine. Here I am up at 2am because I can’t sleep. We spent the evening with family, where I was so tired, I wasn’t really even concentrating on the drive home, but I got home, head hit the pillow, asleep by 10pm and awake again at midnight.

A few things we are considering leading up to the arrival of our rainbow baby (therefore we have had quite a bit of time to think about this):


  • Owlet, but the sensor rather than the webcam. This is a system (if you purchase both I guess) that allows you peace of mind when your baby is asleep. We are still considering buying the sensor sock that monitors the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels as my husband is a nurse in ICU and has seen a lot of babies presenting with complications during sleep. Although this is definitely not a vital item to purchase, we are hoping it will offer peace of mind after a miscarriage and an IVF pregnancy.
  • Modern cloth nappies. We have been taking these into consideration for some time. We will have quite a reduced income while I’m off work, and the thought of the money we will save in addition to not having nappies sit in our bin for 2 weeks (they only empty every 2 weeks here), in addition to the impact on the environment, we have been thinking about starting out with them and seeing how it goes. However, once you start to do some research you find out how much they cost and I guess that can be a bit of a deterrent, but when I found an article indicating disposable nappies will cost in excess of $3000, while cloth will cost $1500 from new born until toilet training, we are leaning towards the cloth at this stage. Plus I highly recommend shopping around, there are some better prices out there, and of course you can always buy second hand if you’re ok with that idea.
  • Bottle prepper. Yes, this is highly a convenience option. We purchased one at a 33% discount and I thought it would be handy for hubby as he feels ill-equipped for when the baby comes. I thought this would take some of the stress out of it, and for middle of the night feeds it preps a bottle in under 2 mins.
  • Breast pump. I have picked one up second-hand from a friend, it has options for electric and manual with a timer on the electric one. The day care centre we are on the waiting list for offers to feed your child formula or your own expressed breast milk, which may be handy if we’re still breast feeding when I have to go back to work. At this stage, given baby isn’t even born yet we aren’t really sure what to expect, for this reason we also haven’t invested in a proper set of bottles. I bought a starter set just incase, and figure we can add to it depending on what our needs are at the time.
  • Baby carrier. I was always interested in a baby carrier. I am planning to assume all household duties while I’m off work and hubby is working, I figure it’s only fair, and this will include shopping. I had imagined a baby carrier would be an essential tool for grocery shopping, freeing up my hands and allowing me to use a trolley. We found the Ergo 360 on Catch of the day for $90 off. I have since been told this is the best option on the market, but I guess we will trial that for ourselves later on, but I also wouldn’t mind a wrap as I have heard they are more appropriately fitting for the first 6ish weeks.
  • Strider pram with bassinet and fitted capsule. We decided to splash out on a new pram, I didn’t want to get the most expensive or the one with the most bells and whistles, but we did settle for one that has the capacity for tandem seats (for later on just incase), it also came with the bassinet that can be interchanged with the seat, and a capsule that can fit directly onto the pram frame when either the seat or bassinet are removed. We thought having a complete travel system would really help, as I don’t want to be stuck at home afraid of upsetting her routine, I want to be able to get out and socialise with friends, do the shopping and hopefully have her routine work around our life. These might be dreams every parent has to begin with, but at the very least I thought having a capsule that can fit into the pram will mean if she’s asleep we won’t disturb her too much.

We have been lucky so far, we have been given so many big ticket items from friends and family that meant we could splurge on some items we might have had to reconsider otherwise.

At the half way mark I noticed a few changes, my belly was no longer resembling pregnancy only in the evening, I also had a bump in the morning. I no longer fit into my work pants, they didn’t even button up, so I had to make a purchase for something more comfortable to get through work. I have had frequent headaches, but they are minor compared to the migraines I usually have to deal with, and I think a lot of it is to do with stress in my sleep waking up with them, and merely getting out of bed and being upright makes them resolve on their own. From week 20 we have both felt our babies’ movements, which makes things feel a little more real, and we find it reassuring everything is going ok rather than waiting for the next scan or the next obstetrician appointment.

With uni now out of the way I can finally start to get our lives on track. I’m trying to get a handle on some kind of routine, ordering a veggie box fortnightly, and doing a proper grocery shop to prevent the daily shopping we have fallen into a habit of doing, plus meal planning! Getting a routine back into the household chores, maintaining a laundry routine, a cleaning regime and getting some time out in the sun. I feel like when I study I spend every moment inside at my computer, I see the lovely day outside, but feel I’m wasting precious time if I enjoy it and leave the study until later. It’s also a hard balance when there’s not much time outside of my work roster. I only get to steal 3hrs in the morning each day before my afternoon shift, and try to keep one of my days off a week for me or for family time, or for both. So it’s so exciting to finally have my mornings back and my days off actually free. I would rather potter around the house cleaning it then spend more time writing essays.

My highlights of the second trimester have been finally being able to enjoy this pregnancy without being overshadowed by study. I am enjoying finally getting some routine back, as it means we don’t have to struggle to keep up with day-to-day tasks like meal planning, grocery shopping and laundry. I have also prepared the nursery, started to pack away the things we bought for the baby, and organised a space in our spare room to relax. I wanted to get the house in order while I can still move around ok with all the bending and stretching, and while I still have the energy.

Now in week 25 I feel as though I am more tired going to work, I am dragging myself around the ward, I am getting light-headed at the gym, and I feel a general sense of lethargy on work days. With only 2 weeks to go before I’m in trimester 3 I have had a few moments where I feel like the reality of pregnancy has actually hit me. We will be solely responsible for this baby in 3 months, I can’t lie, the idea of birthing this baby is really scary to me after hearing so many horrible stories, and sometimes I wonder if having had no issues for the whole pregnancy means I’m not going to have such a good time at the end.

Coming up!  I will get around to making a post about how I’ve been feeling, our nursery set up, and other preparation for being a family.  These may be separate posts or a big one depending on how much time I have and how organised I am at the time.  I also have a few topics/issues I wanted to share.  Watch this space!

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