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How To: Use Up Your Left-overs

I was cleaning out our fridge and came across a few things that we really needed to use, mostly veggies and herbs and I thought it would be a great idea to share a number of ways you can use … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Get Serious!

Ok, so I guess we all have New Year’s Resolutions.  And how many of us say I’ll start again on Monday?  Why do we have to wait until Monday to start?  Why can’t we start today?  Fair enough there’s still … Continue reading

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How To: Set and Achieve Our Own Goals

So they say we have greater results when exercising/dieting with others.  What makes you believe that idea?  Well my theory is the competitive edge, and we don’t want to be seen to fail to a peer…  Rivalry!  And they can … Continue reading

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How-To: Organise the Week Evenly

If you find housework boring and/or daunting try breaking it up a little. Make a plan that’s manageable and bearable, make a monthly plan which includes all the things that don’t need to be done from week to week, and … Continue reading

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How To: Pack for an Overnight Trip?

As a girl what do you pack for an over night trip? My first thoughts are just one change of clothes plus jammies, toiletries, make up, a hair brush…  That should pretty much cover necessities… My second thoughts are: phone … Continue reading

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How-To: Get Your Week Organised

I like to get my week organised early, so on Sundays (or Saturdays) I plan my week in advance. I start with my roster, figure out which days I have off and work around them, usually I have two consecutive … Continue reading

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How-To: Pack Up House and Home in a Week

Well we have left the rental rat race just as quickly as we entered.  I was starting to feel like we weren’t getting anywhere, I felt like the agent I was applying with had decided not to go with us … Continue reading

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