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We’ve Moved! Beginning Chronicles of 1 Marriage and 2 Bachelors

My husband and I have moved house now.  We have settled in relatively well I guess you could say.  We finally got the internet back on, which has been novel not to rely on using our phones as wifi hotspots … Continue reading

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Managing the Last Sleep Day After Night Duty – Without Sleep

I’ve just finished my night duty run…  Fair enough it was only 2 nights, but today is all about staying up and staying active.  No tv for a while, so I’m planning to catch up on some housework to keep … Continue reading

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Time For A Fresh Start!

So I’m in my new house and unpacked… It took me less than 2 days, and I was already bored. Now I have 4 weeks of annual leave coming up, time to get the house all organised and managable, time … Continue reading

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My MEntal health DAY(S)

I think I’ve enjoyed my “MEntal health DAY” more than I was expecting.  Usually when I have time to myself I just don’t know what to do with it, but maybe there’s something to be said for not having too … Continue reading

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I’m cleaning up the house today, tidying up the kitchen to make room for my new tupperware, cleaning the bathroom and getting on top of all the washing (most of which I did last night).  I know this sounds silly … Continue reading

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Rewards – Something To Look Forward To – Not An Excuse To Lapse In Progress

As you know part of my new year resolution as most people’s is, to eat better and improve my exercise regime.  I haven’t been too bad, I’ve been back to the gym, I’ve been into my yoga and I’ve just … Continue reading

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Can Free Time Be Unproductive?

My “home days” have been rather unproductive…  I don’t know what I really wanted to get from them to be honest.  I have had plans to do some sewing, reading and just veg around the house.  I guess I have … Continue reading

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Beginning the Christmas Planning

I’m getting organised for Christmas early this year.  I’ve bought some fabric for a nice Christmas table runner.  Not really sure where we’ll be for Christmas this year, but I’m sure it’ll all come together as the year goes on. … Continue reading

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Too Much Time On My Hands

5 days off and on the third day I find I’m sitting around the house doing nothing. If I cook any more food we will become balloons, my partner seems to have gained a few kilos since we moved, with … Continue reading

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How To: Easter Craft Ideas

So Easter is almost here, I’m sure many of you are looking at Easter craft ideas. I remember Easter craft when I was a kid having Easter bonnet parades, Mum would always spend heaps of time making it for me, … Continue reading

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