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Fast Exercise? So Long As I’m Already Fasting!

As I continue with my diet I’ve been doing a bit of reading, and as I searched through the book section at my local Big W store for ideas on what to read next I came across a book called … Continue reading

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Meal Plan: Workout Day vs Non-Workout Day

My diet is all over the place lately, as with my exercise, but managing exercise is easy it doesn’t worry me if it’s at home or at the gym.  But, I know I struggle with meals, I could eat one … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Inspiration

Remember that even in the darkest and hardest days, we all struggle to stay focused. But, we can inspire each other! I’ll start: Just a thought for those of us haunted by Monday-itis!

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What Motivates You During a Workout?

I’m looking for some motivation here! I must admit my workout isn’t as easy to get through as it used to be.  I’m missing out on a third of it since I dropped the treadmill, so I’ve dropped 20mins worth … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Motivation

Just a quick word to keep you motivated.  Remember there is always someone out there working harder than you, with more adversity than you, and when we want to quit or make excuses not to get up that little bit … Continue reading

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2 Week Accountability Challenge: Day 4

I had a pretty mixed up day today.  We went out to visit family, so I had a quick bite to eat (thin rice cakes with nothing on them), and out we went.  When it takes so long to get … Continue reading

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The Plan “2013”

As I mentioned in my “about me” I am working at my bigger picture this year.  I feel like I have “floated” for too long.  It’s time to get serious about this thing we call life.  So I decided the … Continue reading

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