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100 Push up Challenge: Day 2

I got busy this week and just remembered I haven’t posted from day two.   Remember to pick your row and go from there.  Good luck.

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4:2:1 – Day 2

This is a quick update post.  Yesterday went well and according to plan.  I got rid of all the food we didn’t think we should have in the house to tempt him.  I got sent to a different ward at … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Motivation

Just a quick word to keep you motivated.  Remember there is always someone out there working harder than you, with more adversity than you, and when we want to quit or make excuses not to get up that little bit … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Time to recap on the 28 day challenge. My first week didn’t go so well, however I had some bad news and had to point my focus else where, however now everything’s ok so I have my focus back. Now, … Continue reading

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Exercising At Home

My holidays are almost over, one more day then back to work. I have to admit my workouts have been slack over my holiday, not much in the cardio department, but I kept up the home pilates workouts. Today was … Continue reading

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Stay Motivated

Just I quick post to keep you motivated. I have had a slack holidays, going back to work Monday, having family over on the weekend, and then back to work. So the challenges will continue, however despite all these plans … Continue reading

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Motivated Again

After feeling pumped from my yoga class, I know that seems odd but it’s kind of how I felt, I decided to try a Pilates class today. I’m a bit sore now, but it was really good. I’m planning to … Continue reading

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