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What’s So Great About Thermomix? Only What You Put Into It!

What can you do with a Thermomix?  This is the first question I get asked when I mention I have one, or that I am getting a second one.  Most people think they would just get over the novelty and … Continue reading

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Spring-tember Spring Cleaning: Kitchen

Today was scheduled as my kitchen day.  There are several areas to work on here.  I should get motivated and take care of them today, but I just got home from visiting family and I have a bit of catching … Continue reading

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Prioritising: Can-do vs Want-to

It’s so easy to get distracted in a materialistic world…  My partner and I try our best not to get bogged down with possessions, but I think I’m the weakest, in some respects.  And, I think it’s hard when you’re … Continue reading

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The More We Earn The More We Spend – To Make Our House A Home

I have to start this post by saying I think I have moments of materialism!  I must admit I am an addict!  If you could only see my wish list. Here I was tonight on facebook commenting on a minimalist … Continue reading

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Organising the Kitchen

For organisation in the kitchen I like to use several ideas, Howards Storage World have some really good drawer and pantry organisers.  Having dividers and containers (with or without lids) is a great way to keep things looking tidy and uncluttered, I always struggle … Continue reading

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