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The Engagement Ring Metaphor

Things are truly put into perspective when you have a scare.  This week at work I lost a small diamond off my engagement ring, you can imagine the feelings the ran through me…  Disbelief, horror and reasoning! I first realised … Continue reading

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Writing Wedding Vows

I still have 4 months until my wedding, and I have mentioned previously there’s still so much to do.  One of which is writing our vows.  My partner isn’t that keen on writing his own, he says he doesn’t really … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Just a quick post this morning. I would like to send out a quick Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there.  I don’t have any kids, but I know how important family is and how hard it can … Continue reading

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How Do We Make Life Choices?

Why is it we don’t notice the warning signs until it’s too late? Currently my partner and I are going separate ways, we’ll see what comes of it, but this is my second breakup and pretty much similar circumstances… It’s … Continue reading

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Quilt Dedication – Ideas Please?

I am open to suggestions, but I’ve been thinking about my Mum lately and pretty soon it would have been her birthday.  So I’m looking around the internet for pink ribbon fabric, I want to make a quilt in her … Continue reading

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Nursing Creed: Compassion Until The Very end!

This is just a quick post before bed tonight. There are just some really beautiful people out there in the world. People who appreciate life, people who appreciate the little things, and people who you just know you are blessed … Continue reading

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Appreciate The Little Things

Just a quick post about how lucky we all are. We have so much at our disposal, and sometimes I think we just don’t reach out and take advantage of it. I went shopping alone today for the first time … Continue reading

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The Times They Are A Changing

I had an interesting chat with a patient at work, about what a quality of life is.  There are so many people out there these days fighting off infections, dealing with disease and generally trying to look on the bright … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Yourself!

Tomorrow is my last day at work for 7 days and 8 shifts including my over time night duty last week.  I know it will all be worthwhile, plus last pay period I traded in my rostered day off and … Continue reading

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If You Build It They Will Come!!!?

So, I’ve been watching my favourite shows late at night lately, it always inspires me to take a look at what I want, what I actually have accomplished, where I’ve come from and what I can do to get where … Continue reading

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