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What If We Could Be Happy Today?

Why do we always think we will be happy in the future?  Why do we think all we need is a bigger house, more debt, a better paying job?  Won’t we just be ourselves with more stress and worry?  What … Continue reading

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What Do We Really Need?

While my husband and I are thinking about building a house we were facing the dilemma of how to survive financially while paying the mortgage while it was being built.  Currently we have made arrangements with a friend to move … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Resolutions

Happy holidays to everyone.  Hope you all had a merry Christmas! We had a family and close friends day.  We exchanged gifts, but mostly we made memories being our first Christmas as husband and wife.  Boxing day was a little … Continue reading

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Christmas Isn’t about the Bells and Whistles

All around me there are people asking if I have all my Christmas shopping done, and asking what my plans are for the holidays.  The thing is I’m a nurse, there are no “holidays”, what you do is request time … Continue reading

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