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The Reality of Headaches

I have suffered from headaches since I was 4 or 5 (those are my earliest memories of having one), since then they have come and gone, sometimes they are manageable, other times what I would consider severe, and they can … Continue reading

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Debilitated By A “Headache”

I spent all week looking forward to my 4 days off in a row.  Last weekend I traded my rostered day off for a Sunday shift, then I got offered over time and took that, only to get to my … Continue reading

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Remember the Imagination of a Cardboard Box

I might have posted about this before, but currently I’m fighting off another migraine, currently I’m into day #2.  It wasn’t that long since the last one, which I’ve since discovered may have been symptoms of a viral infection, but … Continue reading

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Over-Eating Hangover

I’ve had a horrible weekend…  Well, not horrible.  But I’ve been eating all the wrong things and ate way too much and I have an over-eating hangover…  Yuck!  Feels really really yuck! I know, I complain about this almost weekly, … Continue reading

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