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The Space You Have Created for Yourself

“Notice the space you have created for yourself”.  This is something I hear at yoga regularly, but today I got to thinking about it realistically…  Yoga is the space I have created for myself.  Sometimes we just need to create … Continue reading

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Stressing In My Sleep

The people I know all have different ideas of who I am.  Apparently I come across and being calm, collected and easy going with some, while they know I stress about things only the people who truly know me the … Continue reading

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Make A List and Move On

I think it’s about time I immersed myself in a positive attitude. Lately I find I’ve been the negative nancy, looking at things from all the wrong angles.  It’s time to be positive in a world where there is so … Continue reading

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What Is Your Yoga

I find my yoga practice really motivating. I guess we need to find something we’re good at, or something we can develop, we all need progress.  I’ve been told before that I have some control issues, and when you feel … Continue reading

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