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What Do We Really Need?

While my husband and I are thinking about building a house we were facing the dilemma of how to survive financially while paying the mortgage while it was being built.  Currently we have made arrangements with a friend to move … Continue reading

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Remember to Count Accomplishments Instead of Unachieved Goals

Sometimes we take life too seriously.  I am one of these people.  I stress about money, about plans and about not making the most of my time, not doing the right things with it..  But, what is that? I have … Continue reading

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Wedding Freak Outs

I’m starting to get stressed about my upcoming wedding! Not cold feet, I know what I’m doing but I’m afraid about financial circumstances.  I bought a dress I’m no longer happy with, and I’m worried if I find something else … Continue reading

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If You Build It They Will Come!!!?

So, I’ve been watching my favourite shows late at night lately, it always inspires me to take a look at what I want, what I actually have accomplished, where I’ve come from and what I can do to get where … Continue reading

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