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Countdown: 7 Days Until Moving Day

I have struggled to keep up with my blog this year, between uni, moving house, working overtime and now moving again.  But, things should settle soon, we are moving for the last time for as long as I can put … Continue reading

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Home is Who You Are – A Museum of Me

Moving house is a massive ordeal.  I have been packing now for two days, I have about 40+ boxes between my hallway, spare room, and pantry, yet I still feel as though I’ve barely made any progress.  I still have … Continue reading

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What is Home?

They say home is where your rump rests, but I think it’s a little more than that.  Home is something different for everyone.  Some people can find “home” just about anywhere, they are happy to be on the road, to … Continue reading

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Not As Ready As I Thought I Would Be For The Move

Tomorrow I get the keys to my new home…  Well, we’ll see how long I can call it home for.  In the last 4 years I haven’t really called anything home for very long, probably not longer than a year … Continue reading

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Getting Organised About Moving – Instead of Overwhelmed!

The big day is looming.  I have just over 2 weeks until I move house.  I’ve been shopping for some furniture the last few weeks, but there’s just a few things I’m not sure about, more to do with size. … Continue reading

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How-To: A Packing Strategy

This is my last night for this roster. Yay! I can’t wait to get everything back to normal. Whatever that is. But, it does mean two new changes for me, I will be moving to a new department at work, … Continue reading

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