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What Do We Really Need?

While my husband and I are thinking about building a house we were facing the dilemma of how to survive financially while paying the mortgage while it was being built.  Currently we have made arrangements with a friend to move … Continue reading

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Just When You Think You’re Finished Moving

I’ve moved into my new house, however I have two days left to get the old house cleaned up. Yesterday I had the carpets cleaned, garden weeded and lawns mowed and tidied. Today is all me. Just cleaning… The worst … Continue reading

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Getting Organised About Moving – Instead of Overwhelmed!

The big day is looming.  I have just over 2 weeks until I move house.  I’ve been shopping for some furniture the last few weeks, but there’s just a few things I’m not sure about, more to do with size. … Continue reading

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Stay Focused Until Something Better Comes Along

Why does it have to be so hard to sustain our focus? No matter what it is, either life goals, relationships or diet and exercise? While other parts of us take so much focus we can’t think about anything else. … Continue reading

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How-To: Pack Up House and Home in a Week

Well we have left the rental rat race just as quickly as we entered.  I was starting to feel like we weren’t getting anywhere, I felt like the agent I was applying with had decided not to go with us … Continue reading

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Making Omelettes from a few Broken Eggs

I’ve had a bit of a set back.  The place we were about to move into (shared accommodation), has fallen through.  Luckily I wasn’t very organised and didn’t have much ready, I don’t know, it didn’t quite feel right.  I … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! My Easter is mostly in eventful, like my Christmas was I guess. I worked through all of Christmas, and I’m working right through Easter… I love my job, but I need to get some structure back. We … Continue reading

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Progress at Last

I have had some trouble updating regularly since I work full time, and travel 2hrs each day, and last week was shocking (2 quick shifts and a double shift). My new plans for the year are coming along pretty well … Continue reading

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Things To-Do When Moving House

As I am moving soon I have a few things to consider. Do I want to re-direct my mail? Well I was thinking about just getting a post office box I was considering having everything sent there, that way if … Continue reading

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