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Are We Experiencing Life Through a Lens – With No Evidence of our Existence?

After going away for a weekend to the Blue Mountains I realised how much of our lives are spent looking through the eye of a lens.  While I realise going to a tourist area there will be people taking a … Continue reading

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What If We Could Be Happy Today?

Why do we always think we will be happy in the future?  Why do we think all we need is a bigger house, more debt, a better paying job?  Won’t we just be ourselves with more stress and worry?  What … Continue reading

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Is Technology Affecting Us More Than We Realise?

I’ve been reading a book about neuroplasticity, “The Brain that Changes Itself”.  It talks about a lot of different things, involving how the brain re-organises itself – therefore being plastic, but what I was reading an appendix tonight that talks … Continue reading

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