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Meal Planning: Foundations

  I think we all have our “go-to” meals.  For me that’s something that’s either in the freezer, fridge or cupboard.  The stuff I make sure is always readily available, that doesn’t matter what kind of day I’m having, it’s … Continue reading

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Time For A Fresh Start!

So I’m in my new house and unpacked… It took me less than 2 days, and I was already bored. Now I have 4 weeks of annual leave coming up, time to get the house all organised and managable, time … Continue reading

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Getting Ready For My Last Week Of Nights

One more week of night duty!  I’m not quite as organised this week, but I do have some frozen meal options that will be easy to put together after my sleeps. I haven’t been very good lately with my exercise, … Continue reading

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Why Do We Complicate The Simple Tasks?

It must be time for a detox plan for next week. We had take out tonight for convenience and I’m regretting it. I have been relatively good lately cooking meals at home, although it has been a little heavy in … Continue reading

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Learn How To Organise Next Year’s Christmas From This Year’s Mistakes

I’m coming off night duty again.  It’s getting increasingly close to Christmas.  I’m still unorganised.  I have a present to make today, a gingerbread house to make (hopefully closer to the day so it’s still relatively fresh), and I haven’t … Continue reading

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Planning for an Organised Christmas

It’s that time of the year where we start stressing, shopping and generally getting into the crazy Christmas season.  Tomorrow with be the official start of the Christmas season. I already have my Christmas tree up, I got stressed a … Continue reading

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30 Days of Thermomix: Day 3 Beef Korma and Gingerbread Biscuits

Tonight I couldn’t decide what to have for dinner.  The plan was for satay beef, but unfortunately I couldn’t be bothered to go shopping on my way home so we opted for whatever we could make up from what was … Continue reading

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