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My Study Days Are Officially Over!! – Time to get my Housewife Life Back!

I can’t believe it! I finally finished my Masters’ Degree. Well, I submitted all the units assessments which is good enough for me. I am completely over studying now, and really enjoying my time back. If I find out I … Continue reading

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Time For A Holiday!

I have a light at the end of the tunnel.  While managing the weeks and weeks of balancing work, sleep and home all the while also trying to do what I can to sustain some kind of a social life … Continue reading

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Progress Is Progress

So today I went into town to do some food shopping, on my last day off this week.  I decided to check out a few shops for some shelving/storage options, but in the end I bought myself a dress, nothing … Continue reading

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Words Don’t Make Change – Action Does

When we are feeling down, we haven’t eaten well this week, we haven’t done the exercise we’d have like to do then what comes next?  What do you do to move forward?  Because sitting around feeling bad for ourselves is … Continue reading

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Appreciating the Little Things

When it rains it pours! Since we moved nothing seems to have gone smoothly.  I constantly seem to be fighting an uphill battle.  To begin with we had trouble getting our home phone and internet on, then it was the … Continue reading

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How To: Stick to a Budget

We are moving in two weeks time and will have to stick to a tighter budget, our living expenses will increase, but I will live closer to work and of course I committed to a gym membership. The first place I lived … Continue reading

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