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Beginning our Barefoot Journey

I’ve just read the barefoot investor!  We have officially joined the cult.  I feel as though we were already doing some of it, maybe on a much smaller scale, and the rest we are planning to chip away at.  But, … Continue reading

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The Reality of Headaches

I have suffered from headaches since I was 4 or 5 (those are my earliest memories of having one), since then they have come and gone, sometimes they are manageable, other times what I would consider severe, and they can … Continue reading

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Keep It Simple and Light!

My happiness project continues, I have been trying to lighten up this month and part of that for me has been removing unnecessary stress from my sight.  My husband and I have made a few decisions to alleviate some financial … Continue reading

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Remember to Count Accomplishments Instead of Unachieved Goals

Sometimes we take life too seriously.  I am one of these people.  I stress about money, about plans and about not making the most of my time, not doing the right things with it..  But, what is that? I have … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Making Us Judgemental?

Why do we feel the need to hide? I have recently been placed in circumstances where my life on social media obviously seems better, I have had to knock some people back for plans because due to Christmas and my … Continue reading

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Stressing In My Sleep

The people I know all have different ideas of who I am.  Apparently I come across and being calm, collected and easy going with some, while they know I stress about things only the people who truly know me the … Continue reading

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Taking a Break To Prevent a Break

After being on holidays for four weeks, my first holiday in two years I thought coming back to work would be horrible.  In fact I found it quite the opposite, minus the usually annoyances that go along with nursing that … Continue reading

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