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It’s A Rainbow Baby!

So after a long year, including a miscarriage and countless months of hoping we were pregnant again…  We are!  I won’t lie, there are some things that you don’t realise you want until you’re told you can’t have them, and … Continue reading

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Where have the traditions gone? Eating meals at the dining table as a family, comfort food in winter, home cooked food, manners and homemade items. I know times have changed somewhat, women no longer get married to have babies and … Continue reading

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What Ever Happened To Love Letters?

Whatever happened to romance?  What happened to the build up of a relationship, the love letters, the poetry or the wooing?  Is this all becoming old fashioned? These days you’re considered to be in a de facto relationship the moment … Continue reading

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Value of the Simple Things

I see more and more evidence that minimalism is creating a following for itself.  This has made me realise there are two types of people in the world, people who want things and people who want experiences. Things people – … Continue reading

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You Won’t Find Happiness Under the Christmas Tree

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.  Which I guess if you read my blog regularly is nothing unusual.  But, I’ve been thinking about what it takes to find happiness, be happy, or even just know that we’re happy. How do … Continue reading

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Identifying With Role Models

After two days of watching Sex and the City I think I’ve come to the conclusion I admire Carrie’s character.  Not for the reasons you would think, given the content of the show, not for relationships or sex advice but … Continue reading

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Is The Bucket List Lost?

Days off again.  So I’ve taken the opportunity to veg out again.  I’m sticking to my word about keeping some time for me.  I’m not a very creative person, but I’ve decided to start a new project…  A basket weave … Continue reading

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