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What Ever Happened To Love Letters?

Whatever happened to romance?  What happened to the build up of a relationship, the love letters, the poetry or the wooing?  Is this all becoming old fashioned? These days you’re considered to be in a de facto relationship the moment … Continue reading

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Writing Wedding Vows

I still have 4 months until my wedding, and I have mentioned previously there’s still so much to do.  One of which is writing our vows.  My partner isn’t that keen on writing his own, he says he doesn’t really … Continue reading

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Is a Wishing Well Still Tactful in Place of Wedding Gifts? – Or Are We Losing Another Tradition?

Is it polite to ask for money at a wedding instead of gifts? I have read varying responses on the internet on this topic.  I have been married before, and we have everything we need, plus we live in a … Continue reading

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