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Progress is Your Encouragement

I’m not sure if I’ve written on this before, but it was something I was thinking about at work last week. As I have mentioned before I had some issues with my weight, I gained 50kgs after I moved out … Continue reading

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Big Changes Begin with Something Small

Have you ever heard the phrase “chip away at it”?  There are so many things this can be attributed to, it’s hard to make a big change without affecting other things, and when you think about it logically it’s really … Continue reading

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Back To Work This Week: Planning Balance

Back to meal planning, preparation and exercise plans.  I’m off to work on Wednesday, it’s finally time to get organised after having 4.5 weeks of no structure and just going with the flow. I have a fair bit to organise … Continue reading

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When In Doubt… Do We Go Back To The Familiar?

When we have no control do we have to find a way, any way to get it back? I have had a few things turn upside down just recently, and I’ve felt incredibly out-of-control.  I’ve finally almost got the house … Continue reading

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How I Managed My Weight-loss Journey

My family and friends are always asking me how I manage to maintain my weight.  I guess they saw how quickly I gained, and they seem to think I lost it quickly (since the last question was “how did you … Continue reading

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Meal Plan: Pancakes (2 ingredients)

I’m starting on the right foot today!  I decided to shake up my morning a little since I had such a shocking day yesterday.  I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the scone and Anzac biscuits I had … Continue reading

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Can The Clothes We Wear Increase Our Weight-loss Success? And is Our Social life Jeopardising It?

I had an interesting thought today… What if what we wear impacts our diet? If you think about it, some people use an item of clothing as inspiration for weight loss, and I have done a lot of reading over … Continue reading

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