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Analysing My Bucket List

While my husband and I are weighing up what we want out of our future, I feel as though we are missing the present.  I feel my life is made up of computer screens and work, while I try desperately … Continue reading

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What If We Could Be Happy Today?

Why do we always think we will be happy in the future?  Why do we think all we need is a bigger house, more debt, a better paying job?  Won’t we just be ourselves with more stress and worry?  What … Continue reading

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How Busy Are We Really?

I’m too busy!  This is often my excuse for getting away with things, for missing the gym and not having meals prepared at home.  But how busy are we really?  What makes us busy and why do we busy ourselves … Continue reading

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If You Don’t LOVE It Or USE It – Lose It

What is the value of work?  It’s a commonly recognised issue that people spend too much time on work, they work at work, then they bring it home.  Where is the balance, and where are our priorities? As I’ve mentioned … Continue reading

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If We All Practised Yoga the World Would be a Better Place

The year is passing to quickly already…  I’m having trouble at work writing the correct date, and when I manage to get the right day I seem to mess up the month.  It feels like Christmas was just last week, … Continue reading

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Remember to Count Accomplishments Instead of Unachieved Goals

Sometimes we take life too seriously.  I am one of these people.  I stress about money, about plans and about not making the most of my time, not doing the right things with it..  But, what is that? I have … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions

What are new years resolutions anyway?  It can be traced back to religion and tradition, a goal setting exercise to pay back debts, or to plan ahead to achieve certain goals.  But, are they too broad to accomplish these days? … Continue reading

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